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Le blog de rcf-france

Le blog de rcf-france

RCF AUDIO - news & réferences sur produits audio professionnels

NEWS RCF NEWS RCF RCF P SERIES AT THE G20 SUMMITThe audio-visual projection shows at # G20 Summit this year were reinforced with an RCF sound system that comprised 32 P Series # loudspeakers , installed both on the ground and on the building’s external walls. # rcfaudio... Lire la suite
RCF NEWS RCF NEWS RCF's VSA columns for the new Holy Spirit church The Holy Spirit church in Porto Torres, Italy, is a new complex with very particular architectural constraints. The sound reinforcement system is composed of RCF VSA2050 and VSA1250 steerable column # speakers... Lire la suite
RCF NEWS RCF NEWS For the DJ's, RCF offers a number of solutions providing what you need...LOUD, clear and accurate...and LOW, achieving the bass response you're looking for. Pour les DJ's, RCF propose un certain nombre de solutions qui apportent ce dont vous avez besoin... Lire la suite
RCF NEWS RCF NEWS RDNet 2.2 - a new version is available since October! http://www.rcf.it/fr_FR/products/touring-and-theatre/rd-net Lire la suite
RCF NEWS RCF NEWS It's time to elect a President. Candidate Hillary Clinton elected RCF and the Raleigh-based Alpha Production Group for her final rally last night. 28 HDL20-A encircling the stage with performances by Jon Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga . Lire la suite
RCF NEWS RCF NEWS Some images of a recent concert with RCF TT+ Touring and Theatre loudspeakers - Luciano Ligabue in Monza, Italy, september 2016. Quelques images d'un concert récent avec du line array RCF TT+ Luciano Ligabue à Monza (Italie), septembre 2016 Lire la suite
RCF NEWS RCF NEWS Le système RCF HDL50-A sonorise la tournée Vibration 2016 http://www.soundlightup.com/flash-and-news/le-systeme-rcf-hdl50-a-sonorise-la-tournee-vibration-2016.html Lire la suite
RCF NEWS RCF NEWS Uploaded by All Music Corporation on 2015-04-28. RCF HDL50 A slideshow [ video ] Lire la suite
RCF NEWS RCF NEWS Acoustic & Lighting System together with RCF organized a live sound demonstration event for HDL 50-A in Malaysia & Thailand on 14th September 2016 and 20th September 2016. The Hype and anticipation évenement HDL 50-A en Malaisie Lire la suite
RCF  NEWS RCF NEWS Hi everybody, welcome to the video tutorial for the setup and assembly of the new RCF Line Array system, the HDL 50-A Product link: ... RCF HDL 50-A LINE ARRAY ACTIVE SPEAKER - TUTORIAL Lire la suite


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